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It is for my AP English essay and I want to start of with a statistic as its based off of A Long Way Gone, which is about a boy soldier in the african civil war
the invisible children gives good information about the war, and I am searching the humanitarian websites, but the entirety of both websites are about diseases and natural disaster related deaths.. I can only assume that the warlords in africa don’t really bother with counting death toll which is why there are none? I’m not sure but I might have to scrap this idea and use another method for my thesis statement.

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1 a severe economic depression caused by civil wars in neighboring African countries

2 a communist government that was not able to transform the country into a modern nation

3 a segregated society in which the majority of the population were second-class citizens

4 a socialist government that aligned itself with the Soviet Union during the Cold War
Although civil war and widespread violence did not break out after South Africa gained its independence, the new country struggled with what?
a severe economic depression caused by civil wars in neighboring African countries

a communist government that was not able to transform the country into a modern nation

a segregated society in which the majority of the population were second-class citizens

a socialist government that aligned itself with the Soviet Union during the Cold War

Gr3 asked:

Jokes aside, but what’s wrong with Africa?
Civil wars, piracy, AIDs, government etc.. but why Africa? Perhaps Environmental situations. I’m always hearing about bad things in Africa.

Why aren’t other continents like Africa?

Being far from say, North America, what’s stopping it [Africa] from being ‘civilized’ and/or more organized? Politics?

Sorry for the long-ish question, was wondering this for quite a while; thanks!


European Theatre of World War l- 9 million death toll
European Theatre of World War ll- 60 million death toll
Grand total 69 million
All of which between 1914 – 1918 & 1939 – 1945 (10 years) thus a rate of 6.9 million deaths a year.

By the way this does not include the millions of deaths inflicted by the Soviet Union during peace time.

Is Africa really more violent than Europe?

The deadliest war in Africa was the ”Second Congo War” between 1998 – 2003 with 4 million deaths.

My own nan one of the few black people in London to endure the blitz survived the destruction of 85% of her town and 1/3 of London which almost always followed with the robbery of bombed homes by local London gangs who took advantage of the devastation. eg Frankie Fraser the deserter. London only recovered during the 1980s and compared to other European cities such as Berlin London had it easy.

Nothing of that magnitude has ever occurred in Africa.

So why the stereotype that Africa is violent when in fact history shows us it was Europe. It is funny how WW1 and WW2 are put to the side while expressing a few civil wars in Africa.
Name me a ”world war” which started in Africa….
Who cares about the weapons the death count means alot actually
How am I not black? Explain.
@ Thius so the final solution for Jews made complete sense then????
Most of these deaths were caused by guns. Afrcans have had guns since the 15th century.
So are you trying to make excuses for almost 70 million deaths? So the death of almost 70 million people was all simply the due to sophisticated weapons?
What was so sophisticated or civilized about the Holocaust? Explain.
@ Chelsea you idiot most deaths were caused by guns stop talking out of your asss.
What about the Soviets who starved to death the Ukraine in Holodomor no weapons at all involved at all.

Tell me a situation in Africa where millions were purposely starved to death like during the Holodomor.
@ Chelsea
Well show me anything in Africa which compares to the Holocaustor Holodomor, untill then I rest my case. Both of which did not need sophisticated rather pure violence or what you would call evil.
Show me anything worse than the Holocaust & Holodomor

Nazis & Soviets combined lol its almost pathetic to try and defend their actions if you care about humanity. Nothing since then has come close.

In case you’ve been trying so difficult to shed weight and have tried nearly every weight-loss supplement being sold available on the market, then you should learn about that scientific breakthrough known as garcinia cambogia. Medical experts have tagged its fruit as the "fat buster" and it is now being sold out there as pure garcinia cambogia extract.

Garcinia cambogia is also well known as gambooge, assam fruit, and brindleberry and this plant is grown because of its pumpkin-shaped fruit in Southeast Asia and India. A research team directed by Dr. Harry Preuss of the Georgetown University Medical Center was the ones responsible for this breakthrough. Dr. Preuss reveals that with garcinia, a person should have the ability to lose fat while still keeping muscle or even build it.

What made pure garcinia cambogia extract so much popular is when it’s been featured in the show of the celebrated physician actively associated with the pursuit of healthful lifestyle, Dr. Oz. With all the large number of followers he’s and the degree of power he’s assembled over time, it’s not surprising why he has become among the very influential people in his industry.

Pure garcinia cambogia extract is made using the fruit and its particular rind. Pros state that the key ingredient that provides the fruit’s magical weight loss powers is a material called HCA or hydroxycitric acid. HCA is often found in a wide variety of weight loss products and dietary supplements because of its own ability to inhibit the production of fat in the body.

Garcinia cambogia works in two ways in assisting you to lose weight – the very first phase includes helping your appetite to be suppressed from being manufactured, along with the fat is inhibited by the 2nd phase. It means your body is being burned when fat isn’t being manufactured in it. Studies indicate that it also helps in handling stress levels and depression which are usually linked to overeating.

Using the hunger-suppressing powers of garcinia cambogia, it will be more easy to manage the parts of food you eat. And since you are obligated to feel full quicker, you will not find yourself grabbing something. It will also allow you to make more intelligent choices when it comes to the food you take in. This fruit can also be recognized to have strong antioxidants that may help fight off cancer-causing free radicals.

With a lot of supplements out there being advertised as garcinia cambogia extract that is pure, it could be confusing to decide on which one you need to choose. Based on Dr. Oz, there are many crucial attributes that you want the product to have and this comprises having the principal ingredient as garcinia cambogia, that it contains 50% HCA, with 1000mg as dosage, and manufactured without man-made ingredients , fillers or binders.

Despite all of the claims made with pure garcinia cambogia extract, it’s still important to remember that there’s no shortcut to long term weight loss. This supplement is just that – a nutritional supplement. Thus, this product will function best if you join it with sufficient levels of exercise and a nutritious diet. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll attain the outcomes you desired with this specific formula.

Maybe you have heard of dyslexia? Now folks are beginning to comprehend that there are good reading intervention programs for kids to help them through the tough material of learning the way to read. It is a challenge for the teachers in addition to the child, so that kids will never have to think about being called names but dyslexia can be overcome.

Dyslexia is a problem for kids because it interferes with the manner they comprehend the words in front of them. A significant part reading is comprehending letters and their individual sounds along with groups of letters and how they sound together. Dyslexia can make this challenging. Phonics may be the biggest help for dyslexic children because it focuses on grouped letter sounds and recognition of word parts in general. Additionally, it focuses on the special meaning of the words that they’ll see most commonly when reading something a novel.

Dyslexia happens when a youngster’s brain functions and develops different from others in their age group. It does not mean that children have a lack of desire to read. It just means the letters and their specific sounds usually do not sound right to the kid that is dyslexic. It’s not curable but it can be enhanced with help from good reading intervention programs for kids like them.

For a dyslexic kid to learn to read well enough to appreciate a great novel, it’s going to take a lot of patience and their teacher. More than reading skill affects. How the child spells and talks can be impacted by it. That is why there is so much value put on good reading intervention programs for kids who have dyslexia. The learning procedure will begin with letters and sounds. Once mastered, they will then study groups and sounds. It will likely be worth it when kids do succeed.

Envision seeing an "M" and thinking it’s a "W". That is what a child may deal with when they may be dyslexic. However, it is not the sole thing that kids might need to take care of. Seeing backward or upside down is just one symptom which is potential with dyslexia. It can affect their math skills because mathematical symbols may confound them. Phonics can help although it will probably need to be an intense reading intervention to get the kid to the point that a novel can be read by them and understand all of it fully.

You need to know the indications of dyslexia. It is necessary for your own child to recognize you could help them. The indications of dyslexia may contain warning signs for example, writing problem and backward letters understanding words that kids read. The sooner that you understand a difficulty is and the earlier you seek help for your kid the better off they’ll be. That’s why it is recommended that you simply seek help before they reach the fifth grade. Great reading intervention programs for kids are able to help them simpler if you begin teaching them to beat their difficulties early. Are you really ready to help your child read?

Grownups and older kids that have misdiagnosed can also reap the rewards of a new diagnosis that is exact. More and more research will be done with regard to dyslexia and everyone can appreciate a great novel and understanding words that they read. The reading intervention plan will still focus on the fundamentals first and you can learn to read if you need do and to try it. There is hope for you and giving up does not have to be your only option that is accurate.

Comprehending the written word and curling up with a good book is part of life’s little extravagances and, until now, a dyslexic child would pass up with this simple joy. If you are ready to help make certain your kid is part of one of the good reading intervention programs for kids, they will thank you every time you see them reading a book and getting the words they see on that page. They will discover joy and success where there was once issue and humiliation.

You may want to consider highly of turmeric next time you see one in the kitchen – perhaps not only since it generates delightful curry-based dishes, but in addition since it has several medicinal applications. A substance called curcumin is made and this can be where all the goodness comes from, when its roots are pulled. However before you proceed to buy turmeric supplement, there are many factors you should consider first.

Inside every turmeric nutritional supplement is the strong antioxidant curcumin plus it additionally has the capability to fight all types of redness-associated disorders. The multitude of laboratory tests conducted on turmeric has made it clear that there are many health benefits that it can provide, including some antiviral, anti-bacterial, and anticancer properties. Many claims have been created on its effectiveness against arthritis, gallstones, and Alzheimer’s.

If you want to purchase curcumin supplement of good quality, an important thing to test is its label so that you can decide the exact amount of curcumin it actually includes. What you must be looking for is one which contains as much percent of it as possible because it is more effective that way. You must be able to find supplements that have up to 95% curcumin that will aid in the destruction of free radicals in the human anatomy.

You should know we have some turmeric nutritional supplements out there which appear like it’s the actual price, but the reality is they’re only copycats looking to steal your hard-earned money. Make certain to constantly check the milligrams of curcumin and also the dosage that each capsule provides. You may strike some goods that promise to offer 1000milligrams of curcumin per serving but will require you to have at least 4 capsules.

In purchase to buy turmeric supplement that is of great quality, make sure it does not have some type of fillers that are meant to just mass up the capsule to lessen the fee. Some merchandise may have additives, synthetic sweeteners, preservatives, or coloring that could not only decrease its efficacy but could also possibly cause health problems. Always remember to stick to the side when assessing these items.

The sole catch about curcumin, according to specialists, is it doesn’t get absorbed readily in the bloodstream when it is taken orally. To resolve this difficulty, some makers determined to make use of an additive called piperine. While it isn’t in itself a threat, there are nonetheless some chances of encountering serious repercussions for people who are under drugs or those who have special health conditions.

Before you get it turmeric nutritional supplement, you should check if the goods has been produced by an accredited organic producer. Their production facilities must be invested to offering the best quality of merchandises only. An effective way to inform is by checking their certification with businesses such as the HACCP (Risks and Critical Control Points) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

For best results once you buy turmeric supplement, you need to just check out merchandise made by reputable makers. A manufacturer that’s doing business for quite some time already , and it has received critical acclaim for the quality products they make is an exceptional indication to find. You can also check out on-line reviews by clients who have really attempted the merchandise for themselves.

Green coffee bean infusion has received a great deal of exposure on TV because of the Dr. Oz Display. After that specific episode, the fascination with this new weight loss supplement has sky rocketed. The great doctor has described in his demonstrate that the extract from green coffee has the capability to reduce your fat even without diet and exercise, but how true are these claims?

The standard coffee that we typically enjoy in the morning is made from roasted coffee beans. With green coffee, it doesn’t get roasted and this is key to its weight-loss capabilities. In its uncooked form, green coffee bean extract has a large amount chlorogenic acid – a polyphenol anti-oxidant which helps encourage weight-loss by handling the manner fat and glucose are consumed in the body.

There have been about 100 girls who participated in the experiment ran by Dr. Mehmet Oz and it had been shown that these who took the extract lost fat of two pounds on the typical, for an interval of 14 days and while getting 400mg of chlorogenic acid. In inclusion, the American Chemical Society hosted an experiment using the infusion as well as the members had on average 17 pounds lost on the span of 22 months.

It is important to see that Dr. Oz refrained from recommending any specific brand of green coffee bean extract. Instead, the doctor mentioned guidelines regarding how to select a quality product. One is that the level of chlorogenic acid has to be at least 4 5% to succeed.

V buzz surrounding svetol green coffee extract, it’s not surprising why a whole lot of merchandises are sprouting all around the marketplace nowadays. The dilemma is that some products are of low-quality and are only after your hard earned money. Always make it a point to read the labels, notably the listing of ingredients. Quality products are such made from pure green coffee and doesn’t contain additives or fillers.

And while any type of coffee is assumed to possess some amount of caffeine in it, green coffee extract should have less caffeine in comparison with regular coffee. A best number would be 20mg of caffeine for every 800mg of chlorogenic acid. This caffeine amount is more-or-less just 20% that of typical coffee. Having a lot of caffein in the machine usually contributes to increased heartbeat, nervousness, insomnia, and restlessness.

You should read more about the promises of producer regarding the merchandise, before you proceed to buying any green coffee bean extract and make sure it’s not exaggerated. They must also give you any possible negative effects. A quality product will get a clear listing of producer, ingredients, and contact details if the consumer have any product concerns.

And although everybody is looking for this one magic pill which will solve all of their weight problems, there just isn’t any means to do it at a snap of a finger. A supplement is just that – a supplement. Your green coffee extract will are more effective and faster if you will join it using a healthy diet focused on whole market and a routine exercise regimen.

Do you know which ones can really help improve the quality of your whole life, considering there are a lot of antioxidants known to men? In the event that you’re not extremely happy about going through the aging process, then you might need to befriend the substance known as resveratrol. Before purchasing any model of resveratrol supplement, it is strongly recommended that you first get to know more about it and the benefits it can offer you.

Resveratrol is said to come in the skin of red grapes and this really is the reason why red wine is also a wealthy source of the antioxidant. Cocoa and peanuts are also excellent resources. The popularity of this antioxidant started when a study involving mice was performed along with the results end up being remarkable. While human subjects are still limited, experts say that resveratrol may offer anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties.

There is also evidence that shows that trans resveratrol can effectively minimize the possibilities of contracting heart ailments. Remarkably, it may also cease Alzheimer’s disease at its tracks by protecting neurons while also preventing cancer cells from multiplying to different parts of the body.

Shedding weight may become a less complicated endeavor with the support of the quality resveratrol supplement. It has been proven in wherein they received resveratrol to get a total of 30 days, recently conducted tests including fat men. Results reveal a heightened speed of metabolism which is similar to the results of the calorie restriction plan. The test subjects were all given a conventional dosage of 150milligrams daily.

A resveratrol supplement typically comes in the shape of a capsule, tablet or capsule. Some makers also offer this as a facial cream which can be utilized to acquire the skin rejuvenated and moisturized while also keeping wrinkles and other age – associated skin problems to a nadir. As a result of this, it isn’t surprising why several experts label this as a fountain of youth.

Due to the small number of resveratrol research performed on individuals, medical experts can’t completely reason anything real about its safety and effectiveness. When it comes to unwanted side effects, in addition, there are none disclosed even if high dosages have been taken.

A great thing to hold in mind before you purchase any model of resveratrol supplement is that it is not controlled by the FDA. Within this scenario, it makes sense to stick to reputable manufacturers and become more cautious in choosing a goods. Each producer will have their own dosage recommendation which is normally less than the ones used in laboratory tests.

Also, before using any resveratrol supplement, consulting your doctor is highly recommended, especially when you’ve got some current health issues. You may need to contemplate opting for free trials provided by some companies to decide just how powerful their product is. You can even take a look at on-line reviews on products that will help you make an even more informed purchasing choice.

With the moringa tree being well-known all over the world as the miracle tree, no other part comes close to its versatility and nutrition as its leaves. The leaves can be used as an ingredient in a wide range of dishes and nutritional supplements, but consuming it in tea form is the most convenient way of enjoying all the nutrients it has to offer. So what are the benefits of moringa tea anyway?

Hands down, the leaves of the moringa tea are the undisputed champion in delivering nutrition, and consuming them in tea form is pretty much the same as taking a sip of multivitamins and minerals. You’ll be surprised at how much more vitamin C it has over oranges, more potassium than bananas, and more vitamin A than carrots. How often do you get that much nutrients in your regular tea?

Moringa tea not only gives you a rejuvenating drink to keep you naturally energized the rest of the day, it also packs a potent amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the substances responsible for fighting against free radicals – these are the culprits that damages cells and this ultimately leads to the dreaded disease called cancer. It’s really not hard to see why we should embrace the benefits of moringa tea.

The antioxidants found in moringa tea is also known to be very effective in lowering bad cholesterol in the body, as well as preventing abnormalities in the blood clotting process. It can therefore be concluded that reducing the chances of stroke and various cardiovascular diseases are among the most significant benefits of moringa tea.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also take note of the benefits of moringa tea once it is incorporated into their diet. Since pregnant women need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in high amounts, drinking this tea is an excellent way of meeting all nutrition requirements. For breastfeeding women, it can help to increase milk production significantly.

Those who decide to make moringa tea a part of their diet will feel that they have more energy than ever before and that it is in a completely different league than the energy offered by sugar-based drinks. Have you ever wondered why professional athletes are given moringa leaves in their diet? It is also good to know that your immune system will function more effectively by drinking this tea.

But if you are already drinking other types of teas, why should you even consider getting into the habit of drinking moringa tea? While it’s true that other types of teas also have their benefits, this tea has better quality nutrients because of the process used in preparing the leaves. Unlike in other teas where fermentation is used, here they are freeze-dried to maintain the highest potency of the nutrients.

With all the benefits of moringa tea that you have learned about, you should already have an idea of how it can change your life for the better. By living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating it in your diet, it’s likely that you will deal less often with stress, flu, hypertension, and that feeling of sluggishness. Don’t you think it’s about time you did yourself a favor and try this miracle drink from nature?

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